Elevating Your Bathroom Aesthetics With Quality Bathroom Fittings – A Guide

Elevating Your Bathroom Aesthetics With Quality Bathroom Fittings – A Guide

Bathroom accessories are an inexpensive and fun way to give your space some flair. Online stores such as Crate & Barrel provide contemporary options at prices that won’t break the bank.

Add texture to your bathroom as another easy way of improving its aesthetic. Consider installing textured tiles or creating an eye-catching feature wall, or shop flea markets for vintage finds for savings on new purchases.


Marble has long been associated with sophistication and elegance, which is why it makes such an excellent material choice for luxury bathrooms. By adding marble flooring or tile as part of your bathroom decor or small accessories like soap dishes and tissue box covers to the space, you can instantly give it an air of luxury sophistication.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is exposed to extreme heat and pressure from converging plate boundaries, producing its timeless charm and natural beauty. Marble has become increasingly popular as an ornamental choice due to this transformation process and is commonly chosen for countertops, floors, foyers, fireplace facings/hearths/hearth covers/wainscoting as well as wet area applications such as shower stalls/baths.

When selecting marble for your bathroom, keep the color and veining pattern in mind. A lighter stone will visually expand your space while darker tones add drama. If opting for white marble, make sure that after every use, its walls are thoroughly wiped down to remove moisture, dirt or mildew; more frequent wiping may be necessary during humid seasons such as summer.

If you’re searching for something less traditional than marble, porcelain stoneware could be the solution. Offering similar characteristics without its downsides like etching and staining, porcelain stoneware offers beauty without its drawbacks such as etching. For an exciting contemporary take on this timeless material, look for collections such as Velina by Kallista which offers Dove-colored hues and refined edges in an effortlessly minimalist style.

Statement Tiles

Modern bathroom tile designs go beyond functionalities to offer eye-catching focal points in your space. Boasting an abundance of material compositions, sizes, shapes, colors and designs to choose from – every style and design goal can be met through statement tiles! This month KBDN designers share tips for selecting and applying statement tiles for bath renovation projects.

Selecting an eye-catching shade to use on splashbacks, shower walls or the floor will instantly elevate your bathroom experience. Finding one that speaks to you and brings your design ideas to life can create a bathroom that stands out from the competition.

If full wall applications feel overwhelming for your space, try adding small touches of your desired hue throughout the room. In this bathroom for instance, adding touches such as tile trim around windows and alcoves adds an on-trend element that gives this master suite its signature charm.

Patterned tiles can make an incredible statement in bathrooms, especially when combined with various textures. Esther stone waterjet tile combines Calacata Gold, Bardiglio Nuvolato, and Gris Pulpis to produce organic forms.

Rather than opt for a patterned backsplash, explore the endless options provided by natural stone tiles such as Esther hexagonal tile which offers similar visual interest with more refined aesthetic.

Dark Windows

If you want to make an impressive statement with your bathroom design, try opting for dramatic black bathroom windows that frame the outside view and create an unforgettable visual impact. Add an air of sophistication with gold fittings for an exquisite finishing touch.

Install a floating shelf for additional storage to help make the room seem larger and avoid cluttering up the area. This trick will prevent your bathroom from becoming disorganized.

De-cluttering regularly is another effective way to maintain an orderly and hygienic bathroom environment. Keep only beauty and toiletry items within the room itself; store anything else away in a closet or pantry so as to save space and avoid taking up unnecessary room.

Color can add warmth and texture to your bathroom walls, and adding some colour can be simpler than you think with water resistant wallpaper and paints. Plus, beautiful ceramic tiles come with natural elements for an added luxurious element!

Copper is an elegant material that blends easily into any bathroom decor, while being durable enough to stand up against moisture damage. Complementing its aesthetic with other metal finishes such as bronze or brass for an eye-catching contrast.

Mirrors with Character

Mirrors can add plenty of charm and personality to a bathroom when it comes to adding character. From basic framed wall mirrors to frameless pieces, mirrors offer great potential in terms of characterizing any room by acting as focal points when properly placed within it and also working to increase lighting levels and add some pops of color to the room.

No matter if it’s in a powder room or master bath, strategically-placed mirrors make a striking design statement. While traditional wall mirrors might do the trick, getting creative with unique frames and shapes that reflect your aesthetic can really add another visual dimension. Even adding one into the corner of your shower can help add extra visual space!

In this dark floral wallpaper bathroom, the large frameless mirror serves as an integral component of its striking pattern – yet does not overshadow it. A brown vanity and gold bubble sconces complete this luxurious aesthetic for an unforgettable bathroom experience.

An oversized mirror can help make a small bathroom seem larger, particularly when placed opposite a window and reflecting natural light and outdoor views. For those whose bathrooms are so cramped that a full-length mirror would be too much, oval or rectangular mirrors are suitable options that fit the space seamlessly.

Universal Agency

Universal Agency Erode offers a wide range of high-quality bathroom accessories in erode that can give your bathroom a stylish and functional makeover. Whether you are looking for sleek modern designs or traditional styles, Universal Agency Erode has the perfect options for you. From faucets and showerheads to towel racks and soap dispensers, their selection of bathroom accessories is made from durable materials and comes in a variety of finishes to suit any decor. Universal Agency Erode’s experienced team can help you choose the best accessories for your bathroom and provide expert installation services to ensure your new fixtures are installed properly and efficiently.

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