Preparing For Parenthood: What to Expect in a Pregnancy Care Class

Preparing For Parenthood: What to Expect in a Pregnancy Care Class

Pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful; attending a pregnancy care class may help ease some of that tension.

These classes provide couples with essential knowledge on childbirth, labor, and postpartum. Some also cover topics like breastfeeding and infant CPR.

What to Expect

Parenthood is an immense journey and not one for the fainthearted, yet can also be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. To make sure that this monumental change goes as smoothly as possible, both mentally and emotionally preparation are required – which means forgoing idealized Instagram-inspired conceptions of pregnancy and childbirth while accepting that there will likely be emotional ups and downs throughout.

Establish a support system during this difficult transitional phase. Enlisting friends and family to help with tasks like cleaning the house, cooking meals, watching children or driving you to doctor’s appointments will ease this huge transition much more smoothly. Make sure to establish this network early. It’s also wise to review finances, quit any unhealthy habits and find a reliable term insurance plan so your future family’s well-being is secure.

At this time of your parenting journey, it can also be beneficial to meet with a therapist or coach. Parenthood may bring up challenging memories from childhood that could impact how you raise your own children. A therapist can assist with working through any concerns so you can enter it proactively rather than reactively.

Preparing for the Birth

Last weeks of pregnancy can be one of the most taxing experiences for many expecting mothers. Their bodies may be getting ready to give birth with Braxton Hicks contractions, while their mind may become overwhelmed with concerns regarding pain management, finding support services and whether they have done enough preparation.

One way to ease these worries is through taking a pregnancy care training online. There are different types of classes available, and enrolling early may help secure space. A quality childbirth class will cover basic labor information including when and where to go to hospital or birthing center as well as both natural and medicinal pain-relief techniques like using birthing balls or massage techniques for pain management.

Writing a birth plan can also be extremely helpful in communicating with doctors or midwives during labor as well as support persons about your preferences and choices during labor. But keep in mind that this should be treated as a working document, with plenty of room for adjustments during the actual birth process itself.

Sleep and nutrient-rich pregnancy superfoods are key elements to feeling physically prepared for childbirth, along with stretching your legs and back daily to reduce soreness and fatigue. You should also ask your healthcare provider for recommendations of pregnancy care exercise classes that might suit you best.

During the Birth

Your hospital may offer classes to educate you on routine practices in its birthing center and provide more in-depth study of coping skills, physiological aspects of labor and delivery and emotional aspects associated with childbirth.

Your instructor may give you a tour of the birthing center or facility and offer information about pain relief options such as analgesics and narcotics. In addition, they may discuss different ways of coping with contractions such as squatting, walking, kneeling or sitting; and some instructors trained in Bradley Method may suggest you use birthing balls or other labor aids while others encourage deep abdominal breathing techniques that can ease laboring pains such as relaxation techniques during deep abdominal breathing sessions or deep relaxation techniques during labor.

Your provider will closely oversee both you and your baby throughout labor and after birth to ensure you achieve an Apgar score that’s satisfactory. This test measures their heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tone and reflexes immediately following their arrival into this world.

Many moms choose to have someone with them during labor – often their partner or friend – in addition to attending childbirth education classes for assistance during labor; such as timing contractions and moving around in search of comfortable positions. Meriter offers one additional support person as an option (in addition to doula). Plan on asking this individual to come along as you attend childbirth classes so they know what’s coming!


An event as important and life-altering as giving birth requires great effort, care, and love from its parents. While pregnancy may not always be easy or fun, its rewards make it one of the most fulfilling journeys possible – it is therefore vital that expecting parents prepare themselves properly both individually and collectively for this journey.

Preparing for parenthood requires leading a healthy lifestyle. Couples should work toward managing any issues such as diabetes, thyroid disease or genetic/autoimmune conditions which might interfere with fertility. They should also work on finding ways to save up money for their little one’s future – setting up family savings plans or even term insurance policies might help protect the future of their little ones.

Pregnancy care classes provide expectant parents with an ideal way to familiarize themselves with the birthing process, learn what to expect during labor and delivery, and demystify the birth suite experience. Furthermore, these classes allow couples to select a childbirth method according to their preferences and priorities.

An intimate group of five or six couples is best for childbirth classes, as this gives the instructor more time to devote to each couple and address any of their queries or provide breathing and relaxation sessions. Furthermore, some classes also provide information on breastfeeding and infant CPR – especially beneficial to women who plan to breastfeed their infant.

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