Travel with me: A Hong Kong Travel Guide for First Timers!

Travel with me: A Hong Kong Travel Guide for First Timers!

Hong Kong is a place that should be on your bucket list! This place holds so much culture in everything you do in the city. Plus it’s one of the most popular tourist places on earth and a vibrant city with attractions for every type of traveler.

From top-notch dining and shopping to national parks, adventures outdoors, and cultural events, this city has it all! And you can expect costs to be much cheaper compared to other popular cities in Asia such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, and so on.

So if you’re interested in heading off to Hong Kong for your next vacation, below are things to consider for first-timers! This will contain tips, recommendations, and simply how to put your time and money to good use when in Hong Kong!

1 – Try to visit as many popular tourist spots as you can!

There are so many things to do in Hong Kong, all of which hold their special kind of excitement, wonder and joy. So to make the most out of your trip, try visiting as many popular tourist attractions as you can!

What are good places to visit in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is filled with places to go where you can eat, shop, do activities and also enjoy the sights. To not keep you waiting, below is a list of great places to go when in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland – If you’re looking for a great theme park to spend your day with friends and family, Hong Kong Disneyland is the place for you. Here you’ll be able to take pictures, walk around the park, shop, eat and of course ride some rides!
  • Ocean Park – Another place to visit is Ocean Park! This amusement park is filled with things to look at and do. You can also shop, eat and walk around this park with friends and family while enjoying the view of different kinds of sea creatures!
  • Victoria Harbour – A great place to walk around and enjoy the view is Victoria Harbour! It’s a long and wide walkway beside the sea where you can enjoy the panoramic view and skyline day & night! You might also bump into the famous Bruce Lee statue and even handprints of Local stars!
  • Ngong Pin 360 – If you love sightseeing with an edge then this place is for you! Ngong Pin 360 is a cable car created to improve tourism in HK. It will get you a great view of Lantau Island.
  • Sky 100 Observation Deck – Another sightseeing destination is Sky 100 Observation Deck. This observation deck provides views of Tai Mo Shan, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island, and the Kowloon Peninsula.

2 – Try local dishes!

When in Hong Kong don’t miss out on the chance to savour their delicious delicacies and dishes! This is one way to make the most out of your trip and better know the place you’re visiting! So when in HK, stray away from familiar names like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and so on and try local dishes, snacks and desserts!

What are the local dishes to try in Hong Kong?

When in Hong Kong use your 3 meals a day to try out all their local dishes– you won’t regret it! So to help you figure out what you’ll be munching on during your trip, here’s a list of local Kong Kong dishes to try out!

  • Roast Goose – Roast Goose is a typical Cantonese delicacy and is roasted to a golden brown, chopped into little pieces, and dipped into a unique plum sauce.
  • Har Gao – These are steamed shrimp dumplings and are made with fresh shrimp which is then wrapped in a thin wrapper to make it easy to consume in one mouthful. Pro tip: To add a spicy touch, dunk your Har Gao in chilli sauce.
  • Hong Kong Style Milktea – A sweet treat you need to try is Hong Kong’s milk tea! It’s much creamier than most milk teas and is made with Ceylon Black tea and either condensed milk or evaporated milk. 
  • Tofu Pudding – A sweet treat, Hong Kong tofu pudding is a tasty treat you can enjoy any time of the day. This warm pudding is often eaten to cap off a dim sum feast and is served with syrup or sugar.
  • Egg waffles – Another sweet treat to try out is egg waffles! The iconic street dish of Hong Kong is the egg waffle, which is warm and airy on the inside and crispy on the outside. These sweets in the shape of bubbles come in a vibrant array of experimental designs, loaded with ice cream, fillings and the wackiest tastes. 

3 – Stay in affordable accommodations!

Hong Kong is packed with tons of affordable lodging around the city! This is also why tons of tourists lean towards Hong Kong for an “easy on the pockets” vacation without compromising quality, beauty and enjoyment. So you don’t have to worry much when it comes to lodging.

What are affordable places to stay in Hong Kong?

Although Hong Kong is filled with tons of affordable accommodations, it’s still wise to do your research and check out places to stay ahead of time, ideally, a month before your trip. To help you with your search, here’s a list of places to consider when staying in Hong Kong:

  • Modern budget hotels – This is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable and decent place to stay when in HK. An example of a modern budget hotel in Hong is The OTTO Hotel.
  • Serviced apartments – This is ideal for long stays or when traveling in big groups. Service apartments are fully furnished apartments from the bedroom, living room to the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Hostels – Another cheap lodging to consider is hostels. These are very cheap and are close to popular tourist spots but remember the cost matches the quality with this one.

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